Friday, November 30

I'm so(u)cked in..

Believe me or not - but socks are one of the knitting projects I was always super scared of... right after sweaters! Me, a person who has no problems with the most complicated lace projects!

Last month I decided to make a knitted/crocheted Xmas gift for every member of my family this year (surprise, surprise....) and one of the projects I chose to knit was... a pair of knee-high socks - a perfect gift for my baby sister! So I watched dozens of videos on YouTube about Turkish cast-on, working socks using the Magic Loop method and working 2 socks at the same time, got myself a great book about knitting socks - Socks from the Toe Up by WendyKnits. I'm completely so(u)cked in from the minute I read this book!  The instructions are super easy and the patterns beautiful!

I have already successfully finished the Xmas socks for my sister (photos after Xmas, since it's a surprise) and I am knitting a 2nd pair of socks for myself!

I'm using Wendy's On-Hold Socks pattern for nice & simple lacy socks. I really like how they look, but next time I will use a solid color yarn.

I had the blue yarn for ages in my stash - I think I got it 2 years ago from a second-hand shop. I like it a lot but hate the fact it's cut every 1-2m. Lots of knots on the wrong side....

Wednesday, November 7




A beautiful and delicate lace shawl with decorative edging. This shawl is perfect for a wedding or simply for everyday use. It is based on traditional Estonial designs of Haapsalu shawls. Estonian traditional shawls can be rectangular, square or triangular. They are known for their airy designs and beautiful decorative edgings.

Tuesday, November 6

New Pattern: Kyreneia Semi-circular Shawl

I've received many requests for a knitting pattern for this shawl of mine which I designed few months ago. Guess what - I finally found my notes and here it is - a brand new, easy-to-follow knitting pattern for Kyreneia Semi-circular Lace Shawl! You can knit it in 2 different colors, plain or use shaded yarn as the one I've used for the Rainbow Shawl.

Kyreneia Semi-circular Lace Shawl

Monday, October 29

New tutorial available - Kanzashi-style bobby pins

After over 3 days of hard work, I'm happy to present you with my brand new photo tutorial for Kanzashi-style bobby pins. The tutorial takes you through the process step-by-step with clear photos and text description.

Monday, April 16

WIP: Granny triangle shawl No. 2

I really enjoy crocheting the Granny Triangle Shawl - it's fun & quick, definitely an easy pattern to follow while watching your favorite series (my series of choice for this week is Bones, love it!)

The yarn I'm using is very interesting and colourful, I like the texture it creates. Still have to decide how to finish the shawl - with a wide scalloped edging or just with long nice fringe, as the one I've posted earlier.  

Monday, April 9

Just got new yarn

... and I love it! It's a bit thicker than my usual choice but I totally love the texture of this one. I still haven't decided what to knit with it, probably a nice cowl or maybe a thick shawl.

I've decided to knit a sample to see how it will look like and with what needles size should I go. This one looks very nice, me thinks :-)

I bought 4 small skeins of the yarn, I hope it will be enough for a shawl/cowl.

Sunday, April 1

WIP: The attack of white shawls

It's time for a short break from knitting, let's crochet something! I've started working simultaneously on 2 new projects and can't decide which one I like more :-)  Sometimes I really would love to be an octopus and be able to work on more than 2 projects at the same time! 

Unfortunately, I'm no octopus so just have to move from one project to another... I really should focus on one project only and start the next one after finishing the first. But the ever-growing pile of yarn is so tempting!

Here's the 2nd white shawl, this time a triangular one. I'm about to finish it with a wide border.

Tuesday, March 27

WIP: Blue ruffled shawl

A new shawl I'm working on currently, I have to say I absolutely LOVE the blue shade of this yarn! The shawl will look great. 

The yarn is 50/50 mohair/acrylic, very nice and soft. I'm working with 2 strands of the yarn, as it is a lace weight one and I want the shawl to be a bit thicker & warm.

I really enjoy working with this pattern, I will post is as soon as I have time to write it down and when I finish this one, to show the final results.

Monday, February 6

Work in progress: green modular crochet shawl

Work in progress - yes, another green shawl. I can't help it, I simply love green color, especially now during the winter. This time I decided to play with modular crocheting. As you may see on the photos, each of the rows is made of 2 full motifs and one half motif. Oh my... they give me a huge headache when attaching one to another! I had to unravel the connections many times before I made them correctly :-) I think watching a good mystery series doesn't help......

 I'm almost done with the shawl, just need additional 4 full circles and 2 semi ones to complete. Then a simple single crochet border around and tassels on two sides. I think it's going to look really nice.