Tuesday, July 20

Olive yarn and the Cat

Last weekend I decided to play a bit with dying my yarns - I had some lovely pale grey laceweight Merino yarn skeins and I was a bit bored of its grayness so I made it green! I used dyes in beautiful shades - olive green and sunny yellow. It came out so beautifully! Now I'm using this great yarns to make a big lacy triangular shawl - available soon in my Etsy shop!

My cat Julius, on the other hand, was extremely bored with the whole process and decided to have a nap on one of the shelves of my  Ikea's Expedit. What a great hiding place for a cat! He's soo cute, isn't he?

Coming soon!

So I decided to open another Etsy shop - this time with lovely, soft & light lacy shawls and wraps. I just finished my 3rd shawl and started another one. Now I have to find a cute model for shooting and will be ready for listing on Etsy some time after holidays. My new shop's link is MadelinesWardrobe.etsy.com

Working with lace weight yarn is a pure pleasure, specially knitting. I think I love it even more than crocheting!

In the meantime please do visit my other Etsy shop - CasaDiAries.etsy.com, full of lovely crochet patterns for home accessories.