Thursday, March 31

Ireth Lace Scarf - new knitting pattern published on Ravelry!

I just published my 2nd knitting pattern on Ravelry! This lacy scarf will be a great addition to any dress (even a wedding dress).

The pattern includes charts and written instructions for the body and the edging. The charts are enlarged on an A4 page, ready to be printed.

Monday, March 28

2 new shawls waiting for a good home

Finally finished & listed! Two brand new shawls from Madeline's Wardrobe.

The first one - white wedding lace shawl can be also used as a wedding veil, it will look gorgeous! The other one - pale pink delicate lacy scarf - will be also great for a wedding day (but not only!)

NEW! Now you can buy the knitting pattern for the scarf
The pattern includes charts and written instructions for the body and the edging. The charts are enlarged on an A4 page, ready to be printed.

Sunday, March 27

Work-In-Progress: New lacy scarf - Day 2

Almost finished! Now I' knitting the decorative border. Wanted to go with a wider one with similar motif to the body, but I think it would look too heavy. The narrow one looks perfect!

Saturday, March 26

Work-In-Progress: New lacy scarf - Day 1

While I'm waiting for the white wedding shawl to dry, I decided to start a new small project - this time a narrow lace scarf with decorative border. I'm using the same yarn I used for this stole and traditional Estonian motifs.

Wednesday, March 23

Work-In-Progress: the wedding lace shawl/veil is finished!

It's finished! The new shawl I've been working on for last 2 weeks is now officially finished :)
You can see the progress here and here.

Now it has to be blocked and shaped, photographed and listed. I hope it will find a good home really soon, because I absolutely adore it!

And now the shawl is finished & available at my ArtFire studio. Free worldwide shipping :-)

Wednesday, March 16

Work in progress - Knitted veil, Day 5

The hand knitted wedding veil grows quickly! I'm half done after 5 days and I have to say that I really love the results. I just have to find my 3mm circular needles because the straight ones are getting too short to handle all the stitches. 

Saturday, March 12

Work-In-Progress: a hand knitted wedding lace veil

I was inspired to start this project by one of my customers who asked for a hand-knitted veil. I've never seen one so I did my research and - WOW - knitted veils are so beautiful, airy and delicate! Just look at this one:

I was so happy to see that I still have few skeins of undyed white lace yarn that I started knitting a veil almost immediately. Here're the first 10cm of a semi-circular wedding veil I'm working on right now. I think it will look gorgeous!

Friday, March 11

Madeline's Friday Finds: Green

It's the time of year when you desperately want to see something green - the first sign of spring. Here are some great ArtFire finds from my Plurk friends' studios.

  1. Copper Teardrop Earrings by EmilyClaireCreations
  2. Mothers Day Card by Butterfly-Crafts
  3. SIlk Ribbon 7mm Hand Dyed Inchworm Green by RainbowFingers
  4. Handdyed  superwash sock yarn - Green Leaves by handarbeitskram

Busy day and Etsy Front Page

And I missed it again... One of my items was on the Etsy's Front Page yesterday! That's the treasury by ZYKdesigns my fabric brooch was featured in:

Some of my items were also featured in these beautiful treasuries:

Thursday, March 10

New lace scarf finally finished

Finally finished & listed! I have to say I'm pretty proud of this scarf - I love the combination of the lace leaf pattern and the simple border. I think they go well together.

It took me approx. 46h of knitting to finish this scarf! It all started from my favorite yarn - 80/20 merino/angora mix, which I hand dyed using shades called Reindeer Grey and Pale Peach (lovely names, aren't they?)

Here's the scarf drying on my wall

NEW! Now you can buy a pattern for this scarf/stole
Written instructions and charts provided both for the body and the edging.

Tuesday, March 1

My new stitch markers

Look what I just got in my mail! A beautiful set of stitch markers that son of one of my Plurkies friends made! They are absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to use them with my next knitting project.

If you like them, you definitely have to visit Selana's Artfire shop - full of cute stitch markers and hand-dyed yarn in beautiful colors.