Monday, April 16

WIP: Granny triangle shawl No. 2

I really enjoy crocheting the Granny Triangle Shawl - it's fun & quick, definitely an easy pattern to follow while watching your favorite series (my series of choice for this week is Bones, love it!)

The yarn I'm using is very interesting and colourful, I like the texture it creates. Still have to decide how to finish the shawl - with a wide scalloped edging or just with long nice fringe, as the one I've posted earlier.  


The Mintz Collective said...

I have been looking for a quick and easy triangle shawl crochet pattern. Would you mind sharing your pattern with me? Thanks in advance, Mishawnda

Madeline said...

Sure! This is a very basic granny half-square shawl, you can find the pattern on Ravelry - this is a nice one :
You can always finish it with a nice crocheted border or add fringe.