Tuesday, November 6

New Pattern: Kyreneia Semi-circular Shawl

I've received many requests for a knitting pattern for this shawl of mine which I designed few months ago. Guess what - I finally found my notes and here it is - a brand new, easy-to-follow knitting pattern for Kyreneia Semi-circular Lace Shawl! You can knit it in 2 different colors, plain or use shaded yarn as the one I've used for the Rainbow Shawl.

Kyreneia Semi-circular Lace Shawl


La Llorona said...

Wow! Where can I buy this rainbow yarn to make this shawl?

Madeline said...

I bought it on Ebay from user called woolindstyle, the yarn name is Aade Long Kauni. I think I've seen a couple of skeins also on Etsy.