Thursday, October 27

Fake thrummed mittens

Before I jump into the real thing - amazingly soft and comfy thrummed mittens - I have accidentally stumbled upon a beautiful pattern by Purl Soho for Classic Mittens with a lovely turned cuff. The minute I saw some projects based on that pattern, I already knew what to do with some stray skeins of yarn I had laying around for ages. Fake thrummed mittens, here we go!

I absolutely LOVE the way they look, I just wished the vibrant purple yarn was 100% wool, not an acrylic mix, but it works nice and it doesn't feel so super plastic like some of the acrylic yarns do. The super bulky yarn is 100% wool, though so the mittens will be nice and warm, lined with a layer of wool yarn.

I like these so much that I will have to knit a pair for myself - maybe in nice charcoal grey with the same bulky yarn, as I still have plenty of it.

Saturday, October 15

Hokey Pokey - Winter is Coming

Winter is coming! Time to knit some new mittens! I have decided to use some left over yarn and knit myself a pair of nice and warm mittens. I've used the Hokey Pokey Mittens pattern by Garn Studio/Drops Design.

I am done with the first mitten and I absolutely love it! Especially the Latvian braid that I have worked for the first time. It always looked super complicated to me but it's super easy.

I have also decided to go one number down on the needles to achieve nice and snug mittens.

I'm off to finish the 2nd mitten and can't wait to start wearing them. I think I will also knit a hat with the same pattern used.