Monday, August 30

Collections #1

Today I woke up to discover that I have been included in two beautiful Member Curated Collections on ArtFire! The Leaves Collection features my Triangular lacy shawl in olive green that uses a beautiful leaf pattern. The other one - Fuschia, Magenta or Pink? - features one of my favorite hand-dyed lace weight yarns. Check them out:

1...2...3... Art...Fire!

Today I decided to give a try to ArtFire marketplace. I set up a shop there - MadelinesWardrobe, where I offer my hand knitted lace shawls as well as hand painted laceweight yarn. I'm kind of sick of Etsy and their never ending problems. Maybe ArtFire is not as nice and well-design as Etsy but it definitely has some very useful tools not available to E. sellers (and for which they have been asking for ages). We will see.

For starters - have a look at my latest listings:

Hand knitted lace shawl in raspberry pink 
Hand knitted lace shawl in beige

Thursday, August 26

Raspberry ice cream - delicious triangular lace shawl

I just listed another of my hand-knitted shawls - this time in kid mohair yarn and delicious raspberry ice cream color. It was a pure pleasure to work with this yarn, it's so soft and delicate.

This shawl is available on Etsy - check it out:

Friday, August 20

First of my shawls goes LIVE!

I'm proud to present you my first lacy shawl I posted on Etsy - I hope you will love it as much as I do!

I made this shawl using hand-dyed merino yarn I mentioned in my previous post. I absolutely love its olive green color and the way it fits with the leaf pattern I used. This triangular shawl is very light - it weights only 50 grams!

I made a similar shawl as a gift for my grandmother's 75th birthday and she absolutely loves it! She says she's very proud of her talented oldest granddaughter (that's me!) and she shows it to all her friends (I got some custom orders from them)

Check it out on Etsy: