Thursday, September 30

Work in progress - Estonian lace scarf

I totally fall in love with Estonian lace - it's such a great thing and I absolutely adore all these lace patterns. Here's a small preview on what I'm working currently - it's a beautiful, natural white, long lace scarf with decorative edgings.

I'm using very soft, 80/20 merino/silk lace yarn in natural white color (undyed) and 3mm needles.

Wednesday, September 15

Tuesday Morning Session

I woke up today at 6 am (OMG! It's the middle of a night for me, I usually wake up around 9...) with no particular reason and I decided to use this spare time to do something useful. I had new, not yet listed hand knitted shawls just waiting to be sent into the world, so I decided to do a photo session. What an adventure! I won't even mention my super-hyper professional tripod made of mini-tripod and a elliptical bike.... I have to get one of these full size tripods, it will make my life much easier and I won't be scared of my camera falling down.... Anyways, I made it! I'm quite proud of the photos - finally I look on them as a human being :)

Pumpkin Orange and Dark brown hand knitted lace shawl

Stay tuned for more!* 

*Still have to upload them to Etsy (I link my images from there, it's easier and faster)

Monday, September 13

Lovely bride's shawl

Finally, after countless days, I have finished the beautiful lacy shawl in white. 

It took me over 2 weeks to finish it because I had a lot of stuff to do after work last week.
I'm a very proud of this shawl, it came out sooo nice. My best friend asked me to do a similar shawl for her wedding (hmmm... but she said she will never marry anyone...) 

Anyways, I hope it will find a good home (and maybe a lovely bride).

Tuesday, September 7

New Shawl and Yarns

Ok, It was a quite busy weekend - most of the Saturday I was out so didn't have enough time to do what I have planned but... I finished another hand knitted lacy shawl - this time in pale pink, decorated with beads.

 I also managed to add some hand painted handspun yarn to my collection. Check them out: