Tuesday, December 9

Work in progress - baby cape & brioche cowl

Been busy knitting the last few days - the weather outside was really knitting-friendly. I've finally found some time to learn myself the brioche stitch and I have to say I am in love with it. Here's the final piece I've finished few days ago - a lovely reversible cowl.

Currently, I am working on a special gift for a special girl - my cute niece. My SIL has asked me to knit a cape for her daughter, something with an elf-like hood. I wasn't able to find any patterns that were suiting my needs so I improvised - here's the wip photo. 

Sunday, August 31

Rainy Sunday - a perfect day for knitting

Rainy Sunday is definitely a perfect time to stay under a warm blanket with a cup of hot tea and do some knitting! These days I am (almost) all about knitting cute baby sweaters! They are great stash busters and quick projects to finish.

This is the baby cardigan I am working on currently - super cute with garter yoke and plain body. It's been a long time since I've worked with 2.5mm needles! Thankfully, the project is super easy and I can watch movies while knitting.

This is a toddler cardigan I have finished few days ago - I forgot how much I love working with fair isle patterns :-) It's another of my stash buster projects, I almost run out of the brown yarn!

This one is one of my favorite! A simple raglan sweater with one button on the back and garter panel on the front.... What I like about raglan sweaters is that they are perfectly symmetrical and you can wear them with the back side in front :-)

Monday, August 4

One lucky girl and her new quilt

Meet the cutest girl ever - my beautiful niece Gaia. The gift was given so I can officially show you the results of several weeks of my work. Needle + thread + plenty of patience (and dozen of audiobooks later) and the patchwork is finished! 

All the work done by hand, without the use of a sewing machine.

And some WIP photos - it was plenty of work, but I have enjoyed every minute of working on this project. The quilt is made of recycled old duvet and pillow covers and assembled using the English paper piecing method.

Wednesday, October 9

Heartie Fair Isle hat pattern

I'm alive and back with a brand new pattern- this time for a lovely hat that I'm planning on wearing all the time as the days are getting colder and colder. Cute, isn't it?

All you need is some worsted yarn in 3 different colors and circular/dpn needles - and the pattern, of course, which can be found at my Ravelry shop.

The last 9 months I was super busy with my live and my move across Europe, acclimating back in my home country in a walking distance from almost my entire family. It's a nice change to see them practically every other day as for the past 8-9 years I was able to visit home maybe twice a year.

I also got a new addition to the family - a super cute and beautiful rescued puppy.... and because we already have one dog called Scully, the pups' name is... surprise.... Mulder!

This sweet little creature was found abandoned in a forest, together with another 4 puppies. The others were definitely Golden Retriever mix but this one is.... we don't know yet! Definitely NOT a Golden Retriever. We suspect an English Setter (please, Mulder, be an English Setter, please, please, please....) Well, we'll see in a couple of months as the little one is only 3 months old now.

Wednesday, January 23

Knitting Busy Bee

Last month I've finished two new designs - a sideways shawl and a cowl. Can't decide which one I like more :-) Now I just have to find some time to organize my notes, create the charts and write the patterns. I hope I will be done before the end of this week.

Friday, November 30

I'm so(u)cked in..

Believe me or not - but socks are one of the knitting projects I was always super scared of... right after sweaters! Me, a person who has no problems with the most complicated lace projects!

Last month I decided to make a knitted/crocheted Xmas gift for every member of my family this year (surprise, surprise....) and one of the projects I chose to knit was... a pair of knee-high socks - a perfect gift for my baby sister! So I watched dozens of videos on YouTube about Turkish cast-on, working socks using the Magic Loop method and working 2 socks at the same time, got myself a great book about knitting socks - Socks from the Toe Up by WendyKnits. I'm completely so(u)cked in from the minute I read this book!  The instructions are super easy and the patterns beautiful!

I have already successfully finished the Xmas socks for my sister (photos after Xmas, since it's a surprise) and I am knitting a 2nd pair of socks for myself!

I'm using Wendy's On-Hold Socks pattern for nice & simple lacy socks. I really like how they look, but next time I will use a solid color yarn.

I had the blue yarn for ages in my stash - I think I got it 2 years ago from a second-hand shop. I like it a lot but hate the fact it's cut every 1-2m. Lots of knots on the wrong side....

Wednesday, November 7




A beautiful and delicate lace shawl with decorative edging. This shawl is perfect for a wedding or simply for everyday use. It is based on traditional Estonial designs of Haapsalu shawls. Estonian traditional shawls can be rectangular, square or triangular. They are known for their airy designs and beautiful decorative edgings.