Tuesday, June 28

Work in Progress: A no-lace shawl with ruffles

No lace this time! I'm trying a new method of knitting shawls out - from one side to another with short rows to create the ruffles. I have to say I really like it! I'm using my favourite yarn - DK Riots by King Cole, it fits perfectly the simple pattern of the shawl.

Friday, June 24

Work-in-Progress: Believe it or not but it's not a shawl

I decided to take 1-project-break from shawls and ended up knitting this lovely vest/camisole/top. I couldn't find a nice pattern for such a thin mohair yarn so I'm improvising :D

I'm using the same soft and luxurious mohair yarn I used for this shawl. I had 2 skeins left so not enough for a shawl :-) I still haven't decided if I want to keep this camisole for myself or put in on sale.

Wednesday, June 22

Custom ordered shawl is finished as well!

Yes, I know you've seen this design a million+ times, but I really love knitting it and my customers seem to like it a lot :-) This shawl was knitted for a lovely lady who contacted me via Etsy. I have to say I like it a lot! 

I've used all my merino snow white yarn to knit this shawl - time to order some more!*

* I know I said I'm not gonna order any more yarn in a month but I'd like to have the white one stored "just in case"

Tuesday, June 21

Custom order: white leaves lacy shawl

Just started working on a new shawl for one of customers who contacted me via my Etsy shop. It will be big, white and super lacy! I'm working with 100% fine merino yarn in snow white shade.

Monday, June 20

Remember the pink mohair shawl? It's finished

It took me ages to photograph this shawl! I love how soft and delicate it looks, will be great to wear with a dress. It was handknitted with extra fine mohair yarn, hand painted in shades of raspberry pink and whites.

I'll add it to my Etsy shop in a couple of hours.

Lime green shawl is officially finished and looks great!

It's one of my favorite patterns to work with and the lime green yarn makes it look really great. The shawl is huge, approx. 210cm wide and I'm really happy with the end result.

You can find it in my MadelinesWardrobe Etsy shop

Tuesday, June 14

WIP Day 1: Lime green leaves lacy shawl

Here grows a new shawl! I have to say I really love this color and it matches the leaves pattern perfectly! The yarn is pure merino & I'm knitting using 2 strands of it to make the shawl slightly heavier. The yarn is lovely but really thin.

Just finished: A lagoon blue triangular lace shawl

Just finished my latest shawl - beautiful blue triangular lacy shawl in 50/50 cashmere/merino yarn. I'm quite pleased with the final result. You can find it in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, June 9

Old curtains + scissors + sewing machine = fun!

I got slightly bored of knitting yesterday and decided to play a bit with fabric. I had some old curtains in the closet and no idea - or I should say way too many ideas - what to do with them. And then the huge light bulb above my head lightened up - let's make a tote bag! I absolutely love that kind of bags and wanted to try to make one. Et voila! Here it is! 

I think it's the most advanced sewing project I've done so far (and I have learnt some things the hard way making it....) Not bad for a newbie, huh?

I heart mohair - another shawl is growing fast

Yes, I know I'm crazy :-) Here comes another of my shawls, this time in beautiful pink shades. The mohair was handdyed by one of Etsy sellers - mynameisyarn. I bought it last year and used half of the skein for this shawl and couldn't decide what to do with the other half. I didn't want to waste it! And here it is, a beautiful rectangular shawl. I still have to finish the body panel and knit a nice edging. I just hope I have enough yarn for the edging. If not - I have a nice plan B.

Wednesday, June 1

The blue shawl - Day 4

4 days later and my new blue shawl is almost finished! YAY! Just 20-30 more rows left to knit. I totally improvised this design and can't wait to see the shawl finished and blocked. But I have a feeling that it will look really nice. 

And I'm still in love with this color! I think I'll have to order more of this yarn because I've used almost half of the cone for this beauty.

8.5km... 8500m..... 8705 yards.....

That's how much yarn I have used for my shawls this year ONLY! Can't believe it! Here are all (except one) shawls I made this year. Not bad, huh?

 You can see them all on my Ravelry page