Monday, February 6

Work in progress: green modular crochet shawl

Work in progress - yes, another green shawl. I can't help it, I simply love green color, especially now during the winter. This time I decided to play with modular crocheting. As you may see on the photos, each of the rows is made of 2 full motifs and one half motif. Oh my... they give me a huge headache when attaching one to another! I had to unravel the connections many times before I made them correctly :-) I think watching a good mystery series doesn't help......

 I'm almost done with the shawl, just need additional 4 full circles and 2 semi ones to complete. Then a simple single crochet border around and tassels on two sides. I think it's going to look really nice.

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Shirley Moore said...

I love this! Beautiful design!