Monday, April 16

WIP: Granny triangle shawl No. 2

I really enjoy crocheting the Granny Triangle Shawl - it's fun & quick, definitely an easy pattern to follow while watching your favorite series (my series of choice for this week is Bones, love it!)

The yarn I'm using is very interesting and colourful, I like the texture it creates. Still have to decide how to finish the shawl - with a wide scalloped edging or just with long nice fringe, as the one I've posted earlier.  

Monday, April 9

Just got new yarn

... and I love it! It's a bit thicker than my usual choice but I totally love the texture of this one. I still haven't decided what to knit with it, probably a nice cowl or maybe a thick shawl.

I've decided to knit a sample to see how it will look like and with what needles size should I go. This one looks very nice, me thinks :-)

I bought 4 small skeins of the yarn, I hope it will be enough for a shawl/cowl.

Sunday, April 1

WIP: The attack of white shawls

It's time for a short break from knitting, let's crochet something! I've started working simultaneously on 2 new projects and can't decide which one I like more :-)  Sometimes I really would love to be an octopus and be able to work on more than 2 projects at the same time! 

Unfortunately, I'm no octopus so just have to move from one project to another... I really should focus on one project only and start the next one after finishing the first. But the ever-growing pile of yarn is so tempting!

Here's the 2nd white shawl, this time a triangular one. I'm about to finish it with a wide border.