Sunday, October 31

Shop Update: New flowers accessories now available!

It was a very busy weekend for me! I managed to finish a dozen of new flowers, clean the flat,do the laundry, knit, read and cook a delicious dinner for my friends.

Here are 2 of my new fabric flowers brooch pins and barrettes:

Handmade satin and organza flower in purple - brooch pin
Floral combo - 2 fabric flowers with buttons on a barrette
You can find more hair accessories and brooches in my MadelinesWardrobe shop on Artfire

Tuesday, October 26

Tuesday's Update

It was a very busy day for me. In the morning, before going to work, I managed to take pictures of my new flowers. Have to say that my book about medieval manuscripts is a perfect background for my rich, Byzantine-inspired satin flowers.

Later, I listed some of the items for kids I made during the weekend. I have to say I absolutely love them! The  cotton fabric flowers have really great colors and the cotton wrapped necklace works perfectly with them.

Fabric flower pendant with yellow necklace

Fabric flower ponytail holder
I also worked a bit in the evening - 10 more centimeters added to my newest shawl + some pretty cool new flowers finished (will list them tomorrow, so feel free to check MadelinesWardrobe Artfire shop)

And last but not least, my item was featured on this lovely blog by RiskyBeads.

Monday, October 25

Satin flowers - new in my Artfire shop

I decided to add more life to my shop and offer lovely handmade fabric accessories. Knitting takes a lot of time and I definitely need something different to do from time to time. 
Today, I give you 3 beautiful brooch pins.

Olive green flower handmade satin brooch pin

Purple and green satin flower brooch pin

3 fabric folded rossette flowers brooch pin

Sunday, October 24

Behind The Shawl #1

I decided to start a new series of posts on my blog, showing the process of hand knitting of the shawls available in my ArtFire shop. Here is a story of a beautiful hand knitted wrap I've finished yesterday:

So it all started from a ball of beautiful and soft yarn (80% merino 20% angora to be precise).

For the main body of the wrap  I decided to go with one of traditional Estonian patterns called Pohlamarjakiri or Ligonberry Pattern. It's a very nice pattern, looks great when knitted with lace yarn and slightly bigger needles. 

After 5 days, the wrap's main body was finished and it was time for the decorative edge. I had to pick up stitches from all 4 sides of the wrap - 648 in total.... sounds scary, I know!

 After another 2 days of knitting, the lace edging was finished and the wrap was almost done. Next, it had to soak for one hour in a warm water with liquid soap added and then....

... while it was still wet, gently pinned to a wooden frame to stretch and shape it ( if you ever wash a shawl like this by yourself, you can simply stretch it on your bed and use pins to block it). I left it like this for a night to slowly dry.

And here's the final result! 
A hand knitted lacy wrap that goes perfectly with a wedding dress as well as with everyday jeans! 
You can find it in my ArtFire shop.

Now, it's time for some numbers behind this shawl!

75cm - the width
178cm - the height
87g - the weight
7 - number of days invested
670 - meters of yarn used

and last but not least...

91*320 + (92*2 + 232*2)*20 = 29120 + 12960 =...

total number of stitches worked.

Monday, October 18

Colors of an Autumnal Wedding - 2 new collections

Beautiful collection featuring some amazing photos by very talented ArtFire photographers.

Lovely photo by FacingTheLens

A collection featuring some stunning wedding items, perfect for an autumnal wedding. 

Earrings by  somethingjeweled

Friday, October 15

New wedding shawl

I listed in my MadelinesWardrobe shop my third hand knitted white wedding shawl  yesterday - I made it using absolutely great alpaca/merino yarn and traditional Estonian lace pattern - for both the body and the edge of this shawl.

Monday, October 4