Friday, November 30

I'm so(u)cked in..

Believe me or not - but socks are one of the knitting projects I was always super scared of... right after sweaters! Me, a person who has no problems with the most complicated lace projects!

Last month I decided to make a knitted/crocheted Xmas gift for every member of my family this year (surprise, surprise....) and one of the projects I chose to knit was... a pair of knee-high socks - a perfect gift for my baby sister! So I watched dozens of videos on YouTube about Turkish cast-on, working socks using the Magic Loop method and working 2 socks at the same time, got myself a great book about knitting socks - Socks from the Toe Up by WendyKnits. I'm completely so(u)cked in from the minute I read this book!  The instructions are super easy and the patterns beautiful!

I have already successfully finished the Xmas socks for my sister (photos after Xmas, since it's a surprise) and I am knitting a 2nd pair of socks for myself!

I'm using Wendy's On-Hold Socks pattern for nice & simple lacy socks. I really like how they look, but next time I will use a solid color yarn.

I had the blue yarn for ages in my stash - I think I got it 2 years ago from a second-hand shop. I like it a lot but hate the fact it's cut every 1-2m. Lots of knots on the wrong side....

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