Monday, May 30

A new shawl is growing fast

Yes, it's the same yarn I posted about earlier - 50/50 cashmere/wool mix. I'm kind of bored of knitting rectangular shawls so I decided to go with a triangular one for a change. The design is my own, I came up with it few weeks ago but had no chance to try it earlier because of the custom ordered wedding shawl and the mohair shawl that was already started.

I'm still not sure how to finish the shawl but I will probably find some ideas when I get there. 

Sunday, May 29

Supply me #2

All you need to knit is on Artfire! Here are some amazing items I found this week:
  1. Ocean waves - handdyed sock yarn by Selana
  2. Vitreous Copper Enamel Handmade Buttons Finding for Your Clothing by LBStudio
  3. Yarn and knitting needles - hand carved stamp by paperfruithair
  4. Yarn Bowl Cobalt Blue Handmade Pottery by TheMudPlace

Ohhh.... me has a new yarn to play with!

My preciousssss.... lol..... I just got this amazingly colorful yarn, aren't the colors beautiful? It's a 50% cashmere 50% wool mix, it's much softer than merino and knits like charm. I bought these 2 to try a new supplier from eBay - definitely will buy more. But first I have to use the 123890+ skeins spread beautifully around the house... Sometimes I really would love to have at least 8 arms.

P.S. Did I mention I'm still waiting for 5 skeins of yarn.... Yes, I'm addicted!

Saturday, May 28

My 16th lacy shawl this year - pale green mohair rectangular stole

Just finished! My 16th shawl this year.... wow, that's a lot of shawls! This one was hand knitted by me using amazingly soft an airy kid mohair yarn in a very interesting, pale green/almost grey shade. I've used quite large needles (4.5mm) to get the airy look. I have to say this yarn is great - Twilleys of Stamford Wisper. Unfortunately, this yarn is discontinued but I was really lucky to find some on eBay. 

You can also check this post, where you can see the early stages of knitting this shawl.

The shawl is quite big, it measures 75x163 cm. It's available in my MadelinesWardrobe Etsy shop.

Sunday, May 22

Work in progress: very lacy mohair rectangular shawl

Oh, I absolutely LOVE this mohair yarn! Knitting with it is a pure pleasure. The color is quite difficult to describe, it's something like pale mint green, slightly greyish.

I'm using quite large needles and very thin yarn so the lace shawl will look extremely airy and light, perfect for summer evenings.

The patterns is - as most of my shawls - my own. Still have to decide on the edging, though. I have a couple of ideas and will decide a bit later.

Thursday, May 19

Long time no see.... a new custom wedding shawl

Long time no see! I was quite busy last couple of weeks - one of the reasons was this lovely new wedding shawl I knitted as a custom order from one of my Etsy customers. The design is my own and it's the same with one of my earlier shawls, Blue Lagoon one. This time, it was knitted with 2 strands of very fine merino lace yarn in pure white.

I'm thinking about knitting another shawl like this one, have to say I really like the pattern and it knits like a charm.

Monday, May 2

Wanna see what's drying on the floor?

A brand new shawl :-) This was a quick project, I had to take a break from the tiny lace stitches and decided to play a bit with DK yarn (this is my favorite yarn, Riot DK by King Cole Yarns). I used slightly larger needles than recommended so the shawl still looks lacy & delicate.