Sunday, November 7

Work in progress: 2 new lace shawls

This week I finally started knitting again! I have 2 new shawls in my plans - couldn't decide which to start first so I'm working on both at the same time. The first one, will be a lovely stripped lace wrap in blue and olive green. The other one - a large triangular shawl with leaf pattern. For both of them I'm using a yarn I hand dyed a couple of weeks ago.

Here are some photos of the shawls started:

I think I will finish both of them next week and will work on them at least 3-4h a day.

Another great news! I finished new fabric flower accessories - this time lovely hair pins with folded roses. I absolutely love how they came out and I'm planning to do a pair of the stripped ones for myself.

Stripped fabric flower hair pins in yellow and white

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