Tuesday, November 30

Behind the Scenes - Kansashi flower bobby pins

The first thing I have to do for all my fabric flowers is to pick the right fabrics - mostly cotton, but I also use satin or silk fabrics. I like to use patterned fabric, but solid colors are great too. After I decide on the fabric, I have to cut it into identical squares.

Now it's one of the most important parts - folding the petals. There are many different ways of doing it in traditional Japanese Kanzashi style. My personal favorite is the round petal. I usually use 6-8 petals per flower so I have to fold dozens of them before I move to the next step.

Next step - I have to carefully cut ends of each petal and thread it with a needle. When I have 6 petals threaded, I can start forming the flower. I open the petals up and delicately put them in the correct positions. 

After the flower looks OK, I tie the thread. Then, I cut a small circle out of felt fabric in matching color and glue it to the back of the flower. I also glue the bobby pin.

Now it's time for finding buttons! I usually use vintage buttons I buy from Artfire sellers - a great way to get unique and beautiful buttons. I glue the buttons in the center of each flower. 

Voila - the Kanzashi flower pins are ready to wear!

You can see the results in my ArtFire shop


Stitches In Cotton said...

Those are soooo CUTE!

Madeline said...

Thank you :)

Holli Raymond said...

So cute! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

Ordinary Red said...

Can you tell me how big the squares are when you start? My 9 and 11 yr old daughters are looking for unique hair items to make for their e-club (entrepreneur club) at school. Every year, there are over 80 vendors (4th-6th graders) and nothing sells for more than $5. They are all so creative!