Sunday, October 24

Behind The Shawl #1

I decided to start a new series of posts on my blog, showing the process of hand knitting of the shawls available in my ArtFire shop. Here is a story of a beautiful hand knitted wrap I've finished yesterday:

So it all started from a ball of beautiful and soft yarn (80% merino 20% angora to be precise).

For the main body of the wrap  I decided to go with one of traditional Estonian patterns called Pohlamarjakiri or Ligonberry Pattern. It's a very nice pattern, looks great when knitted with lace yarn and slightly bigger needles. 

After 5 days, the wrap's main body was finished and it was time for the decorative edge. I had to pick up stitches from all 4 sides of the wrap - 648 in total.... sounds scary, I know!

 After another 2 days of knitting, the lace edging was finished and the wrap was almost done. Next, it had to soak for one hour in a warm water with liquid soap added and then....

... while it was still wet, gently pinned to a wooden frame to stretch and shape it ( if you ever wash a shawl like this by yourself, you can simply stretch it on your bed and use pins to block it). I left it like this for a night to slowly dry.

And here's the final result! 
A hand knitted lacy wrap that goes perfectly with a wedding dress as well as with everyday jeans! 
You can find it in my ArtFire shop.

Now, it's time for some numbers behind this shawl!

75cm - the width
178cm - the height
87g - the weight
7 - number of days invested
670 - meters of yarn used

and last but not least...

91*320 + (92*2 + 232*2)*20 = 29120 + 12960 =...

total number of stitches worked.


Cat said...

It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Inkeri said...

That's so so pretty!

BundlesBalloon said...

This is simply beautiful! I love the stories behind handmade items. It's part of the joy of buying handmade.
And such a lovely wedding idea. Thanks for sharing.