Friday, September 3

Weekend = more fun with dyes :)

Can't wait for the weekend to begin - I have over 20 skeins of beautiful hand spun pure wool yarn and lace weight merino/silk yarn to play with! So many colors - so many possibilities :) Just have to remember to buy some stuff from the market - like bleach. Last weekend I beautifully stained my kitchen floor with lovely shades of olive green and purple. Well - the colors are great but the floor, as well as the whole flat, is rented and I would like to get my deposit back at some point.

I'm also in the middle of knitting another of my lacy shawls - this time something for brides and snow queens - a triangular lacy shawl in snow white! I hope I will finish it during the weekend and list on Etsy asap.

Btw. have you seen my latest lace weight hand painted yarns? I just listed 2 new yarns - one in beautiful olive green and another one in jeans blue shades.

I hand painted this one using a sponge brush and 3 lovely shades of dyes - olive green, sunny yellow and hazelnut brown. The colors came out beautifully and I'm very proud of it!

This one, on the other hand, was dyed using a tie-dye method with only one color - I mixed lagoon blue with a bit of purple to get darker shade of blue. It took me over 4h to finish dying this one skein but thanks Lord I didn't have much work - I just had to remove the hank step by step from the dye bath every 20 minutes.

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