Friday, September 3

GA: Check how many hits you get from Etsy Mini

Always wanted to know how many hits you get from your Etsy Mini, Etsy Front Page or Pounce?
Here's a short tutorial how to do it.

(UPDATE: You can also check how many hits you get from Treasuries)

1. Log in to you Google Analytics Account
2. Go to the Dashboard of the Etsy profile
3. On the left side, find My Customizations and click Advanced segments

4. Find in the top right corner +Create new custom segment and click it

5.  In the left panel, find Dimensions, expand Content list and drag Page to the dotted frame where it says dimension or metric

6. From the drop-down list next to it choose contains and type ref=em in the text box. 
On the bottom, find Name segment and type Etsy Mini. Make sure that the filter will be applied to the profile (Visible in: NameOfProfile). 

You can also apply it to other profiles created in GA by clicking the drop down list after the name of the profile and then marking additional profiles. 

Remember to click Save Segment to save your settings!

8. Go back to your Dahsboard and on the top right side find  and click Advanced Segments: All visits . A menu should appear. Select Etsy Mini from Custom Segments list and click Apply.

9. Now the data for Etsy Mini will appear.

You can also create advanced segments for Etsy Search, Front Page, Pounce and Showcase.

A. Follow steps 1-5 
B. From the drop-down list next to it choose contains and type in the text box one of following:
  • ref=fp  for front page
  • ref=sr for search
  • ref=pounce for pounce
  • ref=sc for showcase
You can also check how many hits you get from Treasuries! Just use ref=tre for Treasuries

C. Name the segment according to each variable (i.e. Front Page for ref=fp).
D. Click Save Segment to save your settings

Follow all the steps A-D to create new custom segments for all the variables. 

Now, when you go to your Dashboard and click Advanced Segments: All Visits, you can select up to 4 segments at time. Each one will be shown on your chart with a different color.


nicedashofpaprika said...

Thanks for this great information!

Brenda Doodles said...

Thank you, this helps greatly!

Jessamyn Sommers said...

Thanks for this helpful tutorial!

crochetgal said...

Very helpful! thanks very much!

Elizabeth said...

I am almost overwhelmed with the prospect of reading this but so appreciate that you took the time and had the energy to create this post. Thank you so much. I will get to this . . . eventually

Elizabeth said...

OK - I'm working on it - and I think it's more disappointing news but at least I'll have Google Analytics to confirm it :-)

Joanna's Foto said...

This is very useful- I will need to set it up!
Thank you for sharing!

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Just what I was looking for! Thank you!