Monday, September 12

Playing with dyes.... again

Here's a new batch of yarn I hand dyed with food colourings over the weekend. I'm still stunned with how well the yarn catches colours. I have to say that I get better results with the food colourings than with the normal, quite toxic dyes.

The first two from the right side are merino/silk yarn and I dyed them for new shawls I have in plans. The other two are nice and soft angora yarn, this time for cute stripped mittens and a matching hat, maybe there will be enough for a cowl as well.

I wish I could spare more time for knitting, dyeing and other crafts but it's quite difficult to do with my day job (which I really like). Can't wait to be retired and to have all days for my hobbies only.... but that will probably happen in 40+ years so all I can do now is to cut one more hour of sleep and spend
it on things I love.


Sue said...

I just dyed some yarn yesterday with food dye..........did you hear the squeals of delight when I lifted it out.......awesome! Who knew it would work so well! Love your colours especially the green.

Madeline said...

It felt like Christmas when I lifted mine out :-) Had no idea food colourings can produce such great results!