Saturday, May 28

My 16th lacy shawl this year - pale green mohair rectangular stole

Just finished! My 16th shawl this year.... wow, that's a lot of shawls! This one was hand knitted by me using amazingly soft an airy kid mohair yarn in a very interesting, pale green/almost grey shade. I've used quite large needles (4.5mm) to get the airy look. I have to say this yarn is great - Twilleys of Stamford Wisper. Unfortunately, this yarn is discontinued but I was really lucky to find some on eBay. 

You can also check this post, where you can see the early stages of knitting this shawl.

The shawl is quite big, it measures 75x163 cm. It's available in my MadelinesWardrobe Etsy shop.


eva vercauteren said...

This one is so beautiful. It's amazing you've done 16 already!

Madeline said...

Thank you, Eva!