Thursday, September 15

Beautiful new roving for spinning

I just got these beauties today and can't wait to turn the fiber into beautiful yarn :-) I already have in mind a couple of nice projects for the finished yarn.

Friday, September 9

New shawls coming soon

Here are three new shawls I have finished recently - still need to soak and block them. It's sooo great to be back to knitting, I have really missed it.

Thursday, September 8

Playing with my new drop down spindles

I just received my new lovely drop spindle from Kromski and I absolutely love it! 

I'm using a lovely grey BFL roving I bought recently. The spindle works like a charm, however, it's slightly too heavy to spin very thin yarn, but I will use for that my old trusty DIY spindle made of a knitting needle and 2 cd :-) Speaking of DIY spindles... here's my first Turkish ( X) spindle - I always wanted to test how it works and was fascinated by the fact you immediately get a center pull ball of yarn, perfect for plying the yarn later.

I'm using a mixed roving of BFL wool that spins beautifully. The spindle is slightly too light and it needs some weights on the bottom. Once I spin for a while, the weight of the yarn does the trick and the spindle spins nicely. I'm definitely hooked - a properly balanced Turkish spindle goes straight on my "to buy" list.