Saturday, April 30

Work-In-Progress: Cashmere pale blue scarf

I couldn't wait to start knitting with the new yarn I've received recently. My first choice was the soft and extremely delicate cashmere yarn. It knits like a charm and looks beautiful. It's slightly thinner than I expected it to be (yards/meters conversion, in which I really suck!) but I love it anyway.

The pattern is based on one of the Estonian stitches. I'm planning to add a simple edging, nothing to fancy to make the body pattern stand out.

My new yarn is here!

My new yarn is here! I absolutely love the colors! 3 of them (white, navy blue & lime green) are 100% fine merino and the pale blue is 100% cashmere. Can't wait to start working with them :-) I'm still waiting for a delicate mohair yarn in pale grey color I ordered last week.

New shawl is drying

My new shawl is finished & blocked! Now I just have to wait for it to dry. I'm pretty happy with the end result 'cause I had some problems with the crocheted edging. The first time I made it, it was too tight and I couldn't block the shawl properly. Now, when I know the pattern by hard, you can expect more shawls finished with this edging :-)

Wednesday, April 20

Easter Cupcakes Surprise!

Today - as a part of my small tradition - I baked these little cute cupcakes for my friends from work.
 Each cupcake has a different color & flavor and is decorated with white vanilla icing. I'm so proud of them! The guys from the office couldn't believe I made them by myself :-)

Monday, April 18

Royal Burgundy hand-knitted stole with decorative edging

And my 12th finished project this year! WOOHOO! I had the chance to work with my favorite yarn again - this time hand-dyed in rich burgundy shade. I'll have to order more of this blend soon because I almost run out of it.

You can find it in my Madeline's Wardrobe Artfire shop and on Etsy

Blue Lagoon - a new lacy scarf

Ohh... I'm so happy with the end result of this project. I wasn't sure about the edging first, but after blocking it looks perfect. The design is my own, based on Estonian lace stitch patterns. You can find the pattern in my Ravelry Shop

The finished shawl you can find in my Etsy Shop

Saturday, April 16

Work in Progress: lagoon blue scarf

A new scarf that I'm currently working on - I absolutely love the blue color. I hand-dyed 90/10 merino/nylon yarn by myself a couple of months ago and finally I found some time to knit with it.

The scarf is based on my own design, I'm going to publish the pattern as soon as I finish this one. 

Friday, April 15

New emerald green lacy scarf/stole

And finally it's done & listed. Actually, it had been finished for about 4 weeks but I had technical problems with my camera. Now I got a new one and can start listing again.
This stole is knitted using my favorite yarn - 80/20 merino/angora blend. I hand dyed it in beautiful sapphire (or emerald) green color. The color is not perfectly solid, but it's the way I wanted it to be.

The stole is available both in my Etsy and Artfire shops - pick the one you like the most :-)